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Changing seasons...

laura miller


And just like that, the summer is almost over.  It's hard to say goodbye to those warm summer vibes, early morning sunrises and late night sunsets.  How do you prepare for the next season?  Perhaps you have children heading back to school, you're starting a new career or anticipating the crisp fall air? Whatever it might be, routines tend to change and can add a little stress.

There can be an excitement associated with a new season of change.   I love walking in the fall, I find it particularly enjoyable as the air starts to get a little crispy.  Walking paths close to the water really bring out a spark of inspiration.  For the most part I do keep a few basic habits in my daily routine no matter the season.

    • Staying hydrated throughout the day - water and tea are my go to drinks, hydration is essential for your health
    • Getting enough quality sleep - getting to bed a little earlier, since it takes me a little longer to adjust to later sunrises and earlier sunsets in the fall.
    • Meditation - don't gasp,  it's easier than you think.  I like to meditate in the morning and evening.  Not all meditations are the same, some are longer and some only minutes.  Its beneficial in helping to destress and create a sense of calmness.  Every meditation is different, some say walking is their form of meditation, others like music and candles, do what makes you feel calm.
    • Gratitude it a key aspect of my daily routine - all through the day for everything
    • Treating myself to a nice bath soak helps to combat weather changes affecting my skin, when there is limited time and not time for a bath soak, a simple yet effective  soak for my feet  helps me relax. A great time to make sure those tooties are in good health.
    • Grabbing a favourite snack and just relaxing, the joy of doing nothing is an awesome way to give yourself a recharge

One of my other guilty pleasures in the fall would be visiting Farmers Markets.  I try to create some make ahead meals to store in the freezer for those cold fall days, using as many locally grown foods found at farmers markets, I just can’t help myself from sourcing out new markets.  I love soups, stews and roasted veggies.  My homegrown herbs also come in handy when creating these feel good foods. 

Meghan Telpner, a Toronto based author, speaker and nutritionist who writes with a real approach to living a healthy life, has some great recipes!  Meghan's latest article really helps you prepare for the upcoming fall months and delivers some pretty delicious recipes from Pumpkin Spice Latte, Roasted Tomatoes and Lemongrass, Coconut Vegetable Soups, Bone broths and so much more to get you inspired and prepared for the fall. 

I found her recent blog 10 ESSENTIAL HEALTH HABITS FOR FALL to be a very beneficial and a fun read.


So it’s, see you next year Summer, I’m preparing for the Fall!!






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