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Canadian Living Best Health and Wellness Picks for April We Made the List!!!

laura miller bath canadianliving Eucalyptus health relax wellness

Alexandra Donaldson Beauty Editor for Canadian Living has chosen our Dead Sea Salts - Eucalyptus as one of their 100 Best Health and Wellness Picks for April 2018!!!

Our aromatherapy-blended Dead Sea Salt Bath & Foot Soaks are combined with restorative essential oils like energizing peppermint and bliss-inducing bergamot. Known for their detoxifying properties, Dead Sea salts are rich in stress-fighting magnesium, moisture-balancing potassium and muscle-soothing bromides.

As we  transition into spring we will continue to battle changes in temperatures which can wreck havoc on our delicate skin.  A soulful soak in the tub with a favourite Aromatherapy Bath & Foot Soak is a perfect gift to yourself.

So go ahead and immerse yourself in one of our bath-time blessings


Link to full Canadian Living Article:

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