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This company was born out of a passion for nature and natural products. I am fortunate to combine my seasoned business experience with my life long passion to Develop, Market and Share the benefits of using products that are not only biodegradable; which is great for our environment but Fantastic for our Bodies!"


Our passion is to provide our customers with Natural products that will help inspire your day; whether you are just beginning your day or winding down from a stress filled day... choose a scent that fits your inspiration.

"Scent and colour can have positive impacts on our daily lives."

There is a joy in taking natural raw ingredients and producing beautiful nourishing soaps, soaks, scrubs and salves for our bodies. We use Italian Olive Oil in all of our Traditional Artisan Soaps; along with the benefits of Olive Oil we add cocoa butter, Shea butter, Avocado oil and Essential oils to a variety of our Artisan Bars. We have consciously used only Essential oils to scent our Traditional Artisan Soaps. Each bar is handcrafted in small batches; poured into wooden molds and hand cut after 24 hours. We then allow our bars to cure for a least 6 weeks before wrapping.

All of our bars are biodegradable and free from SLS, Parabens and Phylates. Our products are Vegan friendly.

Natural Soap.....discover the difference!

Inspired Soap Works Limited

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